Help preserve the life and look of your roof with a professional cleaning. Replacing a roof can be extremely expensive and time-consuming, but keeping it looking great is quick and easy. Our soft wash solution cleans the worst grime, without damaging your shingles. Your roof will look like new at a fraction of the cost.

Importance of Pressure Washing

Areas with high humidity are much more prone to algae, mold and mildew growth. This type of weather makes regular roof cleaning vital for the longevity and appearance of your shingles. A good maintenance program can save you thousands of dollars in the future.

Preventing mold, mildew, and algae from regrowing can be nearly impossible, however, a regular maintenance program and annual cleaning with the proper chemicals can keep these nasty re-growths to a minimum. The proper procedure will destroy the organisms at the root of the problem, slowing down the re-infestation.

The Right Company

Choosing the right company to clean your roof is equally as important. Much roof damage is caused by the pressure washing itself. Companies may use too much pressure, the wrong chemicals or careless handling of the equipment they use. Common damage the wrong company or an armature may cause includes:

  • Broken seals on double pane windows
  • Water damage in the walls, through doors or windows or under the shingles
  • Granules stripped off the shingles or shingles being torn off entirely
  • Torn window screens

This is just some of the damage an inexperienced pressure washer can cause. Protect your investment with a company that knows how to treat your roof right. The proper use of chemicals and years of experience is necessary to receive the best and longest-lasting results.