Tomball, TX Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing in Tomball, TX


Texas charm is always in strong supply in Tomball. Cypress Pro Wash is proud to help our customers invest in their slice of heaven in the Lone Star State – and we do it with complete pressure washing and exterior cleaning solutions!


Our philosophy might be simple, but it’s critically important to our business: Our customers are #1. And it’s our job to ensure that their property gets the care it needs to succeed.

Enter our complete pressure washing and exterior cleaning menu. Cypress Pro Wash proudly serves the Tomball community with a full offering of professional solutions, including:

  • Pressure washingWe use industry-leading pressure washing equipment that can clean everything from pavers to patios with ease.
  • House washingOur soft washing service invests in the curb appeal and long-term quality of your exterior. 
  • Building washingWe keep your positive reputation alive with full pressure washing or soft washing service options. 
  • Window cleaningStreak-free is always a guarantee with Cypress Pro Wash. We invest in a spotless view from every vantage point.
  • Concrete cleaningUsing advanced pressure washing equipment, we make your surfaces safer and more inviting – from your parking lot to your sidewalk. 
  • Rust RemovalWe keep curb appeal in strong supply with our advanced rust removal solution, which can remove orange stains with ease.


We like to keep expectations high at Cypress Pro Wash – because we always deliver. Our menu of pressure washing and soft washing services brings the best to your Tomball property, and we do it by putting a few priorities in place:

  • Advanced pressure washing and soft washing technology
  • Certified, licensed, and dedicated technicians
  • Industry-grade cleaning products and techniques
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Your Tomball property should always live up to your expectations – and service from Cypress Pro Wash should, too! Get the best in superior service from our experts.

Why Choose Us?

While some people think they can handle roof cleaning on their own, we highly suggest that you call a professional instead. Even if it’s a minor cleaning job, you would be putting your roof—and your life—at risk. Here at Cypress Pro Wash, we use some of the best safety equipment in the industry, and we have decades of experience under our belts. Additionally, our team adheres to a strict safety protocol to ensure your home receives the best care possible.



When it comes to owning a property, it’s okay to want it all. Cypress Pro Wash proudly provides your home or business with the expertise it needs to be a beacon of curb appeal – today and every day! Our team doesn’t believe in “average.” Since we first began serving Cypress, Katy, and the surrounding areas, we made it our mission to provide you, our customer, superior quality and service. Every property deserves a picture-perfect result. That’s why we are committed to:

HOUSE WASHING Your home should be a beacon of curb appeal. Invest in the beauty of your home – today and into the future – with the help of Cypress Pro Wash! OUR SOFT WASHING SOLUTION Cypress Pro Wash balances superior results with safe service. That’s why we’re committed to soft washing as our go-to method for your home. This technique uses lower water pressures to gently remove buildup from your exterior. We also use a powerful blend of environmentally-friendly cleaning detergents, which keeps the grime away for longer as well as effectively restores that “just like new” aesthetic to your home. Texas weather is beautiful, but it can take a toll on your home. We remove dirt, mold, algae, rust, and other buildups that otherwise bring down the curb appeal and long-term value of your property.

House Washing

Your home should be a beacon of curb appeal. Invest in the beauty of your home – today and into the future – with the help of Cypress Pro Wash!

Concrete Cleaning & Driveway Cleaning in Cypress, TX Area

Concrete Cleaning

Cypress Pro Wash provides concrete and driveway cleaning services that will turn your home into the definition of curb appeal.

Rust Removal In Cypress, TX

Rust Removal

Rust is something that every property should live without. Cypress Pro Wash can safely remove this unwelcome issue.

Before & After Roof Cleaning In Cypress, TX

Roof Cleaning

A Roof cleaning service is an ideal way to make your property stand out. We can remove mold, grime, stains, and more!

Window Cleaning In Cypress, TX Area

Window Cleaning

Make a spotless view the hallmark of your home experience! We deliver a window cleaning solution that primes your property for success.

A dirty exterior is simply a building waiting for a cleaning solution. Our power washing and soft washing equipment are primed to remove stains and imperfections from any building exterior.

Building Washing

A first impression speaks volumes, and the team at Cypress Pro Wash helps your commercial property hit its first impression out of the ballpark.