Roofing needs care and attention like any other part of the home. Untreated issues can develop into severe consequences that cost a lot to fix.
Fortunately, you can always count on our roof cleaning and pressure washing services at Cypress Pro Wash. Here’s how to know when you need to schedule service!

How Does Pressure Washing a Roof Work?

It’s a good idea to book a roof cleaning once a year. With professional pressure washing services, this is often enough to remove the steady build-up of algae, mold, and other debris. Professional pressure washers also understand how to clean shingles without blasting away granules – it’s not a DIY job!
This technique helps dislodge unwanted growth that can lead to leaks and mold infiltrating the home. Mold growth can even dislodge shingles if left unchecked for long enough.

Why Should I Get A Roof Cleaning Service

Our cleaning services don’t just make your home look fantastic. They protect it and help your property retain its value. Suppose you’re planning on selling your home. In that case, it’s best to have its exterior professionally cleaned from top to bottom before the estate agent starts taking photos– it’ll look 100% more attractive to potential buyers.
Moreover, a roof cleaning service is also an excellent opportunity to check the roof and determine if any damage needs to be fixed, including holes or missing shingles. Detecting these problems early on is the key to preventing a minor issue from becoming massive.

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