Have you ever stopped and wondered what our homes would be like without windows? They spoil us with natural sunlight and help us feel less confined — especially in small rooms. To keep them in good working order, we need to properly maintain them. This includes keeping them streak-free year-round. Here, we’ll go over 5 reasons window cleaning is important and how Cypress Pro Wash can help.

1. Prevents Glass Degradation

Dirty windows speed up the process of degradation on glass surfaces. Hard water, dirt, and rain leads to build-up, causing damage and corrosion. By keeping them clean year-round, we can help prevent glass degradation. 

The best part is window cleanings are affordable meaning you don’t have to wash them yourself! Let our team of experts help. 

2. Improves Air Quality 

Dirt can get into our homes through the smallest of cracks. Oftentimes, they become stuck in window frames. When you open up your windows for a breath of fresh air, you can expect these particles to make their way inside. 

This leads to poor air quality. Particles can also include mold and mildew. If we know one thing for sure — this fungus is a health hazard for anyone! 

3. Better Heating Efficiency 

During the colder months, windows help heat the inside of your home by letting the sun shine through. When they’re filled with dirt, grime, and buildup, you’re affecting their heating efficiency perks! 

Likewise, many homeowners notice a small drop in energy bills and many of them claim this to be the work of those free UV rays helping keep their home warm!

4. Extends Lifespan

It’s no surprise that well-maintained windows last longer. Leaving issues unattended will only make matters worse over time. Having them cleaned regularly will extend their lifespan. 

After all, it’s not cheap to replace a window, especially multiple at once!

5. Offers Clear Outside Views

Dirty windows not only block out natural sunlight, but they limit the beauty of the great outdoors. There’s no arguing that a clean, streak-free window is more enjoyable to look out from than a filthy one. 

Clean windows are also a sign that your home is being well taken care of. If your view is blocked by spots, it’s time to clean them.  

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Sold on the benefits window cleaning services bring? The list goes on beyond the five we’ve mentioned above. One thing’s certain — window cleaning offers nothing but positive outcomes!

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